Here you’ll find the answers to the most common questions relevant to all of our Adventure Parks.

There is no minimum number of participants required to schedule a zip or adventure course tour. We will likely schedule you with other individuals or small groups; however, if you are the only ones scheduled at the time you selected, we will run the tour for just you or your group.

Tours vary in duration depending on location. Please see specific location pages for more details.

Since we base our staffing on reservations, we strongly recommend you book before your arrival so you can be certain the tour is not sold out and we have staff available. You can book a tour online or call us at 757-216-9891.

Weekends are the busiest so it’s best to call a week or two ahead. However, we take bookings up to the last minute as long as we have availabilities.

You get wet! We run zip and adventure tours rain or shine. We only cancel due to high winds or lightning in the area!

After a zip tour or other adventure has been booked, there are No Cancellations or Refunds. You cannot reschedule the date or time if it is within 7 days of your tour. However, if you call more than 7 days before your tour we can change the date or time, but we cannot refund your money.

Dress as if you were going hiking. Participants wearing reasonably loose-fitting clothes and appropriate shoes will be the most comfortable. Keep in mind that you will be outside participating in some physical activities that may get you grass stained or dirty! Please wear closed-toed shoes, absolutely no flip-flops or flimsy sandals! Jewelry such as watches, rings, bracelets, and necklaces should not be worn. Most of the activities take place in the shade of trees. Therefore, participants are encouraged not to wear sunglasses unless absolutely necessary. Be sure to dress appropriately for the weather. In cold weather, we recommend wearing a close-fitting hat (that will fit under a helmet) and gloves. If you have rain gear, bring it along. We’ll hope for a sunny day and be prepared if it is not.

If participating in a zip tour, we recommend that individuals be at least 8 years of age at all parks. In order to climb, zip, and swing your way through our aerial adventure courses without adult supervision, participants must be 12 or older.** Children 8 and older may climb zip and swing if they participate with an adult. Anyone under age 18 must have signed a release form if unaccompanied by a legal guardian.

**Children aged 8+ may participate in our course only if alongside a parental guardian.

Our zipline tours are moderately demanding adventures, designed for participants in moderate to good health who weigh no more than the recommended 250 lbs*. Our aerial adventure courses are our most physically (and mentally) demanding adventures. Participants of both tours must be able to climb stairs. Pregnant women, people with heart, leg, or back problems, and individuals with any other serious illness should not participate. Exceptions to any restrictions are at the discretion of the management. Please call with specific questions, our team would be happy to assist as we do our best to ensure you are able to participate.

The 250-pound weight limit is a recommendation and not an absolute limit. We recommend under 250 pounds because heavier people will have harder and faster landings and be more likely to injure themselves.

An athletic person who is slightly over the limit will most likely do fine, while an unathletic person who is under the limit may struggle. We typically explain this to people and let them make their own best call. If they are considerably (10-15 lbs) over the recommended weight we’ll tell them it’s probably not a good idea. If they can fit in the harness and are under 300 lbs. and they understand the reasons for the recommendation and still want to do it, we allow it. People tend to choose wisely for themselves when given all of the information.

Price varies by location, type of tour, and the age of the participant. Please see specific location pages for more details.

Yes. Please call for large group pricing and information.

Adventureworks courses use a mix of warm-ups, games, activities, and initiatives to take individuals and groups out of their daily routine and into challenges which call for cooperation, trust, problem solving, team building, and risk taking. Participants are encouraged and assisted in looking at and assessing their own personal styles, ideas, and strengths within the group context. Time is taken during the activities and at the end of the course to discuss individual experiences and the transfer of learning from the day’s activity to work or other situations.

It is possible to leave the zip tour at point along the way. If for any reason you decide you do not want to finish the tour you can stop and walk back to the starting point.

For location details and driving directions please see each park’s unique page. Consider carpooling—not only will you save gas, but you’ll have navigators to share the adventure! Feel free to call our offices if you need additional help finding us!