Adventure Is Our Work!

In 1987 we started creating adventures that would connect and inspire – join us as we strive to do good, work smart, live well, and laugh often through all of our adventures!

Who We Are

Since the ’80s, Adventureworks has grown beyond our wildest dreams. We’ve become a nationally recognized leader in experience-based training and development. Our offerings have also expanded to include adventures for everyone. As a team of professionals specializing in life-changing experiences, we work safely and effectively with thousands of people every year.

Our Team

The Adventureworks team is comprised of skilled professionals who combine years of group leadership experience with credentials in education, training, business, and mental health.

Our pledge is to exceed your expectations by constantly striving to develop and improve ourselves, our processes, and our services, confront conflict conflict fearlessly, speak truth with kindness, and empower others to do the same. We truly love our work and bring that passion to every client we serve.

Our Process

Our programs are fun, but they’re more than just games. We create challenges designed to mirror relevant issues facing your organization. Then, we tie what your team learns back into the workplace. We won’t just talk about teamwork; we’ll give you an opportunity to live it, practice it, and learn what it means for you.

Adventureworks is designed for people of all ability and professional levels. Great respect is always given to honoring individual choice in participation. We find that in a supportive environment, people will rise to the challenge and go beyond what they thought possible. The result is not only a memorable experience, but also a heightened awareness of what can happen when people truly pull together to work towards common goals.

Team Building Is Our Foundation

Our team building services are nationally recognized, and for good reason. Since our founding, we have helped teams from corporations, churches, fraternities and sororities, and other organizations. We provide customized bonding exercises for your group, both on our premises and in your office.

team building

Our Eco-Footprint

At Adventureworks, we’re always focused on doing good and living well. This mission translates beyond the experiences we offer and informs everything we do: being “green” and using natural resources efficiently and responsibly. We place great importance on environmental awareness, respect for nature, empowerment of local people, corporate responsibility, and the creation of positive experiences.

Ready to Try Something New?

Contact Adventureworks to learn more about group pricing, team building programs, policies, reservations, and more. We’re standing by to answer any questions you may have.