Pre-Built Adventure Works Programs

Whether you’re able to bring your Team to one of our Nashville Adventure Park locations, or we come to you—we have several time-tested Team Building Programs to enhance your experience!

Team Bonding for Professionals

Teams just want to have fun. Adventureworks offers a variety of team bonding programs that are designed for professional adults to step outside of their everyday roles and routines and have fun while strengthening relationships and improving morale. Participants will work together to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals, while having fun and building relationships!

Music City Challenge
(Urban Scavenger Hunt)

Enjoy a uniquely Nashville team building experience while your team follows a series of clues and solves riddles that lead to exploration of renowned Nashville hot spots and discovery of other Music City secrets! Teams will launch from a downtown location and will engage in a high energy (and often hilarious) adventure that will undoubtedly sharpen their collaborative skills and create lasting memories.

Location: Various downtown venues

Program Length: 1.5 to 3 hours

Group Size: up to 200

Cost: $45 per person*

*There may be an additional charge for use of venue. Program designer may assist with identification of venue.

The Great Rescue Adventure

Your team has just survived the emergency landing of a plane just outside in a remote area…What now?! Equipped with only a map, survival guide, and use of “native materials,” the team is challenged to make use of the resources available to find their way to safety. This scenario yields endless lessons in how to attain results through collaboration, communication, and other essential team skills.

Location: Adventureworks Nashville West, Kingston Springs, TN

Program Length: 2.5 hours

Group Size: Up to 50

Cost: $95 per person

Corporate Challenge

This engaging activity simulates departmental silo-ing and competition. Teams represent internal departments attempting to solve challenging issues within a limited amount of time. Each team is responsible for “doing their job” to earn points toward the company goal. The simulation reveals the benefits of working collaboratively and sharing information, while adding fun and energy to any corporate event. Location: Indoor/outdoor

Program Length: 60 minutes

Group Size: From 20 to 200

Cost: $85 per person

Our Process

Our team building programs are fun, but they’re more than just games. We create challenges designed to mirror relevant issues facing your organization. Then, we tie what your team learns back into the workplace. We won’t just talk about teamwork; we’ll give you an opportunity to live it, practice it, and learn what it means for you. To learn more about our process or get a quote, reach out to us here. 

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