new year's at Adventureworks

New Year’s at Adventureworks

Many people make New Year’s resolutions related to self-improvement, breaking unhealthy habits, saving money, and becoming happier. Unfortunately, as you’ve probably experienced, it’s much easier for most people to set resolutions than it is to keep them. At Adventureworks, we constantly strive to develop and improve ourselves, our processes, and our services, so we know a thing or two about effective goal-setting.

1. Be Intentional

The end of the year is a time for personal reflection and counting your blessings. Being intentional about how you want to grow and develop in the year ahead will help you achieve more. Make an honest effort to evaluate what you’d like to change and how you plan to get there – including how you’ll deal with any obstacles in your path. When you move forward with specific intent, you can use your New Year’s resolutions to improve your emotional and mental health.

2. Take Responsibility

Even if your New Year’s resolutions focus primarily on what you want to improve about yourself, consider the ripple effect they can have on others in your life. Resolving to lose weight with a sensible fitness and nutrition plan could inspire your spouse to join you. Your resolution to stop procrastinating might improve your relationships with co-workers. Meanwhile, a goal to volunteer with a community nonprofit will help all that organization’s beneficiaries.

3. Gain Clarity

Many New Year’s resolutions don’t come to fruition because they are too vague and lack exact direction. For instance, you may resolve to lose weight after overindulging during the holiday season, but you’re setting yourself up to fail without specifying how many pounds you want to lose by a given date.

4. Practice Self-Forgiveness

Nobody is perfect. No matter how realistically achievable your New Year’s resolutions are, you may still encounter occasional setbacks. If you’re setting long-range goals, some slip-ups are inevitable. Don’t berate yourself. Concentrate on how much progress you’ve made instead of dwelling on your perceived mistakes and shortcomings. Learning to forgive yourself and silencing your harsh inner critic can be invaluable for improving your emotional resilience.

5. Find New Motivation

If you’re looking for a burst of inspiration, welcome 2023 with our annual New Year’s Polar Bear Zip Tour on Dec. 31. The Polar Bear Zip includes our full zip tour, hot beverages, and writing your New Year’s resolution on our Wall of Resolve. Change your perspective and send your confidence soaring to new heights by getting out in nature and gliding above the treetops at up to 40 miles per hour. It’s an unforgettable way to close out 2022 on a positive note.

Set Your New Year’s Resolution at Adventureworks

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