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Summer Bucket List for Hot Springs Arkansas

The summer is upon us, and it’s time to unpack your summer bucket list. Now is the time to plan for travels that will allow you to start crossing things off that list. If outdoor adventure, unique history, gambling in style, and challenging yourself are on your list, then you may want to plan to visit Hot Springs, Arkansas. Here are just a few of the many bucket list-worthy things to do there.

1. Hot Springs National Park

Created in 1932 to ensure the beauty and hot springs of the area were preserved for future generations, Hot Springs National Park is filled with natural wonder. The thermal springs and the bathhouses created around them are only part of the adventure to be found here. 

The park also features miles of hiking trails through dense forests and up scenic mountains. The numerous creeks and streams fed by the hot springs are not only beautiful in themselves, but their warm temperatures mean they boast unique and fascinating animals and plants. They also feed numerous waterfalls and bubbling rapids.

Perhaps the most unique part about this park is that it was created around an existing town so that you can easily enjoy the wonders of the natural world within minutes of fine dining or comfy sleeping arrangements. There are also numerous activities to amuse yourself within the town.

2. Gangster Museum of America

One of the more unusual attractions found in the town of Hot Springs is the Gangster Museum of America. For those of you with an interest in the lore surrounding some of this country’s more famous criminals, this place is a treat.

The museum features artifacts and exhibits related to bootlegging, illegal gambling, and many other less-than-savory activities that were the mainstays of gangster life. There are also detailed histories and profiles of some of the more famous evil-doers of the late 1800s and early 1900s.

3. Oaklawn Racing Casino

Whether you enjoy the excitement of horse racing, high-stakes card games, or the slots ringing, the Oaklawn Racing Casino has what you are looking for. Open 24/7, this venue may be the perfect end to a day of hiking and exploring the great outdoors or the ideal start to a new day.

Aside from gambling, the Oaklawn offers a hotel with a spa, fine dining, and a lively nightlife. If indoor adventure is on your summer bucket list, you may well find what you are looking for here.

4. Adventureworks

If real adventure is on your bucket list, the kind that challenges you to face your fears and come out victorious, then a trip to Adventureworks should definitely be in the plan. When confronted with challenges we have an amazing ability to adapt to enable us to manage whatever the situation demands. Overcoming obstacles like fear, doubt or anxiety imbues us with feelings of exhilaration, heightened awareness, self-pride, and joy. Whether you tackle the Aerial Adventure Course or the ZipLine Canopy Tour, you will understand why the park promises that you will leave happier than you came.

The Zipline Course offers a bird’s eye view of the hot springs, the forest, and the unique geology contained in it. You will get the sense that you are a part of the tree-top canopy and feel the breeze on your face as you zip along the line. For even more excitement, plan on visiting when the moon is full. On those nights, you can participate in the Moonlight Tour. You get the same beauty and adventure with a bit of added enchantment.

The Aerial Adventure Course is a physically challenging course set high above the ground for added challenges and excitement. It is made up of 16 different activities, including vines to be climbed, swaying bridges to be crossed, and cargo nets to be negotiated. Each step in the course takes you higher and higher into the trees offering an incredible view of the canopy and adventure park.

What is on Your Summer Bucket List?

With so many things to do in Hot Springs offers several opportunities to cross off Summer bucket list activities. Whether you want an indoor experience or an outdoor adventure, Hot Springs does not disappoint with its array of things to do.