team building

Team-Building Information: What to Expect

Team building is a strategy you can use to equip your employees with valuable skills and encourage them to collaborate more effectively. By bringing your team to Adventureworks, you can also show them how much you respect their contributions in the workplace.

We design challenges for adult professionals that allow them to step outside their everyday roles and routines and have fun while strengthening relationships and improving morale. If you’re not sure whether your business would benefit from team-building exercises, consider these seven advantages you might gain.

1. Increased Productivity

Team building can make your company more productive by pushing employees to cooperate in different ways than they would in a typical workplace setting. When teams understand each other’s strengths, they are more likely to apply their best efforts to their work.

2. Enhanced Creativity

Getting outside the office can give employees a fresh perspective on their work. Seeing their colleagues in a new light and appreciating their unique skill sets will inspire ideas about how to address challenges.  

3. Improved Communication

When your employees develop relationships through events outside the office, they are more likely to collaborate. You can also eliminate redundant tasks and streamline workflows, since team members may feel more inspired to speak up and share frequent project updates.

4. Better Morale

Low morale is a challenge many business leaders must confront. When you sense your employees’ enthusiasm is flagging, a team-building exercise can be an effective way to renew their interest and inspiration. Completing a challenge with co-workers can remind your team members of their commitment to your company’s mission, vision, and values. It can also create a positive work environment for employees and help them feel appreciated.

5. More Trust

If your employees tend to “silo” in their respective departments, you can use team-building activities to break down those invisible barriers. By challenging them to collaborate, employees may learn to depend on their peers. Consider choosing team-building activities that focus on developing trust.

6. Identifying Emerging Leaders

Team-building activities are an excellent way to identify employees with specific leadership qualities. For example, you might notice that some of your team members naturally step into a supervisory role, guiding their colleagues in completing tasks. This insight can reveal facets of an employee’s personality that may not have emerged in a typical workplace setting.

7. Connecting Remote Teams

These days, many more companies have embraced the benefits of fully remote or hybrid work. While these options can broaden your available talent pool and make your business more competitive, employees who work from different locations may never get a chance to meet in person. Team building can help remote and hybrid teams get to know each other, establishing a sense of community and creating a more positive work environment.

Customized Team-Building Experiences

Adventureworks is a nationally recognized leader in experience-based training and development. Our proven programs are ideal for fostering strong team bonds and problem-solving skills. We’ll host your group at one of our four challenge courses or come to your location.

We develop scavenger hunts, rescue challenges, escape rooms, and “co-opetition” experiences to reflect current issues your organization faces. Your team will learn valuable lessons that they can apply to their daily work. Contact us today to learn more about how we make team building unforgettable and meaningful.