tech-free activities for kids and families

Tech-Free Activities for Kids in Virginia Beach

Technology is all around us, and children love playing with anything that has a screen. While being comfortable with tech can help kids learn new facts and skills, too much screen time can have adverse side effects. Understanding the benefits of tech-free activities for children is an essential parenting skill in today’s world.

How Unstructured Play Helps Children Learn and Grow

You may have fond memories of playing outside as a child, using your imagination while you strengthened your body by running, climbing, and jumping. While we know this kind of unstructured play can foster cognitive, physical, and emotional development, today’s children get fewer opportunities to explore, create, and discover without predetermined guidelines.

Tech-free activities can bring the following advantages to children whose brains are still growing and developing daily.

  • Enhanced creativity: When there are no set rules to follow, children can make up their own. This opportunity to be fanciful and let their dreams take flight is an essential part of a child’s mental and intellectual maturity.
  • Improved problem-solving abilities: Free play gives kids a healthy outlet for collaborating to resolve conflicts and questions.
  • New social skills: Unstructured play encourages children to work together, taking turns and learning to listen respectfully. Overseeing their playtime gives them a chance to learn among friends.

Top Tech-Free Activities for Kids and Families in Virginia Beach

Whether you’re visiting Virginia Beach on vacation or are a full-time resident, add these tech-free activities to your family’s itinerary.

1. Military Aviation Museum

Virginia Beach’s Military Aviation Museum is home to one of the world’s largest collections of vintage military aircraft, including more than 50 planes flown during WWI and WWII. The museum’s permanent displays and regular demonstrations featuring some of history’s most iconic aircraft make it an unforgettable attraction for visitors of all ages.

2. Virginia Beach Farmers Market

The Virginia Beach Farmers Market, open year-round, is an excellent place to taste seasonal, locally grown produce and meet the people who grew it. The market hosts eight special events throughout the year and offers educational events and field trips for children. With a butcher shop, seafood market, dairy and ice cream, florist, candy store, bakery, and full-menu restaurant, you’ll never go home hungry after visiting the Virginia Beach Farmers Market.

3. Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art

Virginia MOCA is home to a vibrant collection of curated, contemporary art exhibits and unique educational programming. From interactive talks to master classes, there are events for all ages, interests, and levels of artistic experience.

4. Ziplining at Adventureworks

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience, ziplining in Virginia Beach is an unforgettable tech-free activity for kids ages 8 and up. Your whole family will love soaring through and above the forest at up to 60 feet above the ground. Even though we provide sturdy safety gear, there’s nothing like the freedom you’ll feel on one of our Virginia Beach zipline tours.

Start Your Tech-Free Adventure Today

We hope these recommendations have inspired you to treat your family to a tech-free thrill. Kids and adults can benefit from reducing screen time and interacting with the real world, and Virginia Beach’s natural beauty provides excellent inspiration for those goals. Our team is here to help with any questions you have – reach out to us today.