fun things to do with coworkers in nashville

Fun Things to Do with Coworkers in Nashville

Did you know that bonding with coworkers outside of the office creates a positive, more productive environment? In fact, one study shows that employees who feel isolated in the workplace can lead to a 21% decrease in overall production.1

Although team meetings and in-office games are steps in the right direction, there’s no replacement for an out-of-office event. Employees can let down walls they put up in a professional setting, connect on a more personal level, and create memories outside of the office than can lead to lasting friendships.

We challenge you to go beyond the regular after-hours standbys like dinner and drinks. Instead, opt for in-depth team-building activities that are made for relationship building, or a group ziplining adventure that will take your bonds to new heights!

Keep reading as we break down some truly unique, fun things to do with coworkers in Nashville.

Proven Group Activities for the Whole Team

Our pre-set group activities are a great place to start if you’re wanting to incorporate team building into your workplace. With this approach, you can bring your coworkers to our adventure park in Nashville, or we can come directly to you. Either way, you will certainly reap the benefits of these exercises. Each activity is designed to have the whole crew work together to accomplish goals, strengthening relationships along the way.

Some of the activities we offer for team-building are:

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Survival adventures
  • Puzzle challenges
  • Corporate challenges

Aside from these high-energy group adventures, we also offer customized programs. These include exercises like personality tests, leadership development, facilitated meetings, and icebreakers. Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-heavy adventure or an organized, morale-building task, our programs are sure to improve your team’s communication and connection.

Group Ziplining

There’s no better way to bond than through a thrilling adventure. With our group ziplining tours in Nashville, your team will step out of their comfort zone, face their fears, and grow together. This is also a great way to shake off any stress, as you step away from your daily routine and role and step into a memorable experience with the people you work alongside every day.

Ziplining offers your employees the chance to encourage and cheer on their coworkers as they embark on something new. This creates positive memories between coworkers and bonds them through a shared, exciting experience. If you’re wanting to strengthen employee relationships in a fresh way, ziplining is the way to go! 

Looking for Fun Things to Do with Coworkers?

If you’re looking for ways fun things to do with coworkers, look no further! At Adventureworks, we offer pre-set group activities and ziplining tours that are sure to spark fun conversations and boost morale amongst your entire office. Read more about our team-building activities and group ziplining adventures, get a quote, and be on your way to building valuable employee connections!