5 minute team building activities

5 Minute Team Building Activities

In any group setting, it is important to prioritize a healthy group dynamic and a strong sense of teamwork. When you are working closely with others at the office, you’ll usually need to achieve ambitious goals together. Partnering with peers who value communication, relationship building, and teamwork can make this process much more pleasant. Research furthers this claim, stating that 97% of workers and employers point to poor team alignment as a predictor of the outcome of their goals.1 Team-building activities can give supervisors the edge they need to create a strong, connected team.

There are many ways to incorporate such exercises outside of the office or workplace that will enhance team relationships. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare and a crew that is willing, you can begin your journey to harmony and collaboration!

5 Minute Team Building Activities 

1. Scavenger Hunt

This exciting activity is sure to stir up some laughs and healthy “co-opetition” amongst your team! Send your employees on a scavenger hunt either in pairs, groups, or solo, depending on your team size and time constraints. This will allow the whole group to work together in a light, fun way and will get them out of their comfort zones. The communication skills and strengthened relationships they get from this activity can be carried over into their work lives, which should, in turn, promote productivity.

2. Timed Puzzle Challenge

What better way to test teamwork than a good old-fashioned puzzle? Get everyone together, set the timer to 5 minutes, and get them to think outside the box! The task can be a riddle, a physical jigsaw puzzle, or something similar that promotes problem-solving skills. This gives your team the opportunity to communicate effectively, actively listen, and utilize each other’s talents to reach a common goal. 

3. 2 Truths and a Lie

With team bonding, one of the main goals is getting to know each other on a deeper level. 2 truths and a lie makes a fun game out of learning fun facts about your peers. This activity is quick, easy, and fun, making it an excellent way to start incorporating team-building exercises into your schedule.

4. Paper Plane Contest

Sometimes, it’s important to take a break from serious work to feel like a kid again. Our favorite way to help our teammates get that feeling? A paper plane contest! Gather everyone in a meeting room, have them make their best planes, and put their skills to the test. This is sure to bring out laughter and lighten the mood on a rather stressful or busy day.

5. Show and Tell

As kids, we loved show and tell days at school because they allowed us to share what was important to us. As adults, not much has changed. People are always looking for ways to give others insight into who they really are—what makes them unique. Show and tell is a great way to break the ice, spark conversation, and connect through storytelling.

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