Vote for Adventureworks in 2019 Best of Issue, Nashville Scene

VOTE Adventureworks for Nashville Scene’s “Best Of”

Visitors and locals alike in the (615) area know the Nashville Scene magazine is an invaluable resource for all things Nashville. The Scene is always connecting people with the places they love, featuring articles about upcoming elections, DIY recipes, and favorite restaurants.

Every year, the Nashville Scene publishes an edition of the city’s best “to-dos” with everything from Best Babysitter to Best 5 Star Restaurant. The thing that makes the list unique is that the winners are chosen by you! 

We hope that everyone who visits Adventureworks enjoys themselves and will want to tell folks about our exciting parks. If you think that we’re cut out to hold the title of “Best Outdoor Fun,” please cast a vote for us in this year’s campaign. Here’s how it works:

  • Start by clicking on the “VOTE NOW” link below.
  • Under the “Kids and Pets” category you’ll find “Best Outdoor Fun.”
  • Begin to type “Adventureworks” and click on the “Zipline Forest at Fontanel” address.
  • Add your name, email address, zip code, and click VOTE to submit your vote.
  • The Scene requires that you vote for at least 24 other attractions in town. Even if you’ve only spent one day in Nashville, there are plenty of options for your votes. We recommend giving our friends at the Inn at the Fontanel a shout out for Best Hotel, The Loveless Cafe as Best Breakfast, and the Ryman Auditorium as best Music Venue. But feel free to vote however you like!


Nashville Scene Best of 2019

We thank you for taking the time to vote for us this year and hope to see you out adventuring again with us soon!


What Not To Do on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is the day of looooove and we like to celebrate it. With chocolates and flowers and teddy bears, oh my! However, no Valentine’s day is complete without the inevitable awkward dates and breakup stories.

We took to the streets and asked a handful of women about their worst Valentine’s day ever and the answers did not disappoint. Guys, if you’re listening, don’t do any of these things!

“My favorite Valentine’s day had to have been when I opened a bottle of cellulite cream from my boyfriend—with a box of chocolates.”
“I had agreed to go on a date with a friend of a friend one year. I was excited, he was good looking and we were going to a restaurant that I knew had a really delicious menu, I was all about it!  We arrived and he sat me down and excused himself. After waiting fifteen minutes, I ordered my meal. It was scrumptious, just as expected—cooked to perfection. I finished my meal and decided I should probably go look for him (better late than never.) I found him in the corner, reading a book. I never saw him again.”
” I once took an 8-hour road trip to visit my boyfriend of 3 years. He met me at the door and immediately broke up with me. I went to leave and realized I had locked my keys inside the trunk of my car. I had to sleep on his dorm room couch. Worst Valentine’s Day, ever.”
“When I was young a boy gave me a dead bird on Valentine’s Day. I don’t think he was asking me to be his Valentine, but I accepted. I also helped bury the body.
“Last year I was taken to the National Museum of Health and Medicine. I won’t go into too much detail but I will say, the “megacolon” display was the most exciting and least nauseating part of the night.”

If you want this Valentine’s Day to turn out better than it did for these ladies, trade in the crowded restaurant for an adventure in the woods. Check out Adventureworks Sweetheart Zip. A romantic walk in the woods, a thrilling ride on the zip lines, and a warm fire to snuggle up next to.

So pack a dinner for two, saddle up your favorite conveyance, and have yourselves one hell of a date this February 14! The Sweetheart Adventure is a sure way to add tingle to this Valentine’s Day. . . . And, yeah, we’re a little biased. But you’ll see. . .

Happy Valentine’s Day, Y’all!